Sunday, October 25, 2009

Why I Skipped Class

This is the latest book that I read. It is authored by MMU graduate, Jay Tiew Jin Jie and co-authored by Mdm. Rahayu Tasnim, my ex-office mate cum my neighbour in Muzaffar Height now.

I received the free book with the free T-shirt. Special edition hehehe...

Written using a simple english, the 91 pages book explores why students like to skip classes - something that always make most lecturers and teachers got heart attack! As I experienced last semester, after waiting more than half an hour, less than half of the class turned-up. The cliche reason was - friday morning class, overslept, insomnia, back to hometown or no reason at all. And as the cosequence my barring list was the longest ones in the faculty. And another consequence is my teaching evaluation was very bad. The worst after being a lecturer more than 6 years! that is the reward for being strict and cruel lecturer... for the sake of education.

However, reading this book gives me another perspective. Something that actually I know but can't really accept it when I wear the lecturer's hat.

The author wrote in one of the chapters:

" Now, I started skipping school since I was in high school. The logic is simple. Since the main reason to go to school is to get good results in exam, I stayed at home to study for my exam".
(That's true. Last semester, out of 200++ students in my lecture, less than 30 students appeared and I the class have to be cancelled. Giving my students space to study for their midterm that night. The students thanked me for being generous and understanding - is that what I want? Do they really score the paper?).

I like the part when the author points out this:

" we would like to point out that every individual is gifted in different ways. Do you know anyone in your class who is the academic genius but is a below average athlete or sings like a frog?"

And also this part - Are teachers to be blamed?

"Now, should we start blaming teachers for not using more interesting teaching methods? my answer is no. Teachers are trained in teachers training college to teach, set exam questions and grade students in the way the system wants them to".

" In fact, parents are constantly demanding for better results from their child. They ask teachers to produce straight A's students. ...."

Lets read the book. The unique part of this book is, it is written from two perspectives - from student's perspective and from an educator's perspective. The common thing about both of them is - they skipped classes when they were a student!!

The price is only RM18. You can visit for more info or if you want to order you can inform me from this blog.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Counting days...

Less than two months - baby akan menjenguk dunia.

Ayah dah sangat-sangat tak sabar. Bila balik dia mesti akan tanya " bila baby nak keluar ni?"
Bila ibu rasa lain macam sikit... pening ke, sakit pinggang ke, kaki cramp ker.. dia mesti akan kata " jangan-jangan baby dah nak keluar tak?"
Ibu kata " Ish..jangan dulu, kita tak ready lagi".
Ayah kata " tak sabar nak cuti ni.."
Ibu kata... " tunggulah nenek datang stay dengan kita. Kita mana nak reti benda-benda macam ni"
Bilala.. nenek dengan atuk nak stay melaka ni.

Lagipun ibu belum beli lagi beberapa barang. Stroller, car seat, bouncer. Sebabnya, tunggu ayah balik baru boleh nak gi beli. Ibu tak larat la nak shopping benda-benda berat ni sorang-sorang. Ayah pulak dah start kelas master, kadang-kadang dia boleh balik sekejap jer, jadi tak sempat nak kemana-mana. Lagipun kesian dia travel sana-sini.. bagilah dia rest bila balik Melaka.

Makin dekat harinya, ibu rasa ibu makin busy pula. Banyak kerja yang perlu diselesaikan. Taknakla nanti menyusahkan kawan-kawan ibu kat office. Taknak juga bos-bos kacau masa ibu berpantang nanti. Untuk phd ibu pulak.. at least bagila ibu achieve something sebelum bercuti panjang. Sekurang-kurangnya, adalah progress. Jadi, ibu pulun la buat semua kerja, sampai tak ada masa nak cuti balik ke KL masa semester break hari tu. Tapi yang bestnya, ada juga kerja-kerja yang ibu boleh buat kat rumah jer. Ibu pun dah tak larat sangat nak pandu kereta... perut dah melekat kat stering dah....

Sekarang ni... ibu risau juga, kot-kot baby nak keluar awal dari jangkaan. ibu target paling awal baby keluar raya haji nanti. So, maybe akan sama dgn ayah atau ibu. Ayah lahir 10 zulhijjah, Ibu pulak 12 zulhijjah - sama-sama hari tasyrik. Kot-kot la baby nak keluar hari tasyrik juga. Tapi kalau ikut due date Dr. akan lahir masa 1st anniversary ayah ngan ibu. 13 disember. Mana-mana pun ibu ok.....

So, ibu dah pun buat beberapa persiapan.. memandangkan ibu stay seorang diri kat rumah ni. Ada beberapa perkara penting yang ibu akan pastikan:

1. Ibu duplicate kunci rumah bagi kat auntie ayu (office mate merangkap jiran terdekat). Kot-kot emergency takkan dia nak pecah rumah kan?
2. Ibu pastikan handphone sentiasa ada bateri. Kalau tinggal 2 bar je, cepat-cepat charge.
3. Kunci rumah, kunci kereta sentiasa ada dekat-dekat ibu especially masa ibu tidur. Mesti boleh dicapai dengan tangan. Taklah terkial-kial mencari nanti.
4. Ibu akan test beberapa kali.. call ayah tengah-tengah malam. saja nak check dia boleh bangun tak kalau ibu buat emergency call malam-malam buta. Kalau tak..ibu kena fikirkan alternatif lain. Kawan-kawan ayah... silalah bersedia juga ya.
5. Set speed dialing untuk nombor-nombor penting.
6. Beg untuk bergegas ke hospital pun dah ibu siapkan...

So, kawan-kawan kalau nak tambah cheklist ni..silakanlah. Manalah tau ada yang terlepas pandang...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Exam week... bla..bla..bla...

Exam week is finally over. Now we have two weeks break. Doesn't mean anything for me. Given a big group which the exam scheduled at the end of the 2nd week of exam period, it means no semester break for me. Unluckily, Dr. Paul is the coordinator. He marked all his papers in 3 days and pushing us to submit asap. That's unfair! my group is the biggest one. Others have around 170++ scripts but mine is more than 200. I wonder why students like to register into my class.
"I'm a killer lecturer lar... my dear students, can you forward this message to your juniors so that not so many people will be joining my section next semester. Believe me... my average this semester is the lowest one... as compared to Mr. Goh, Mr. Senthil and even Dr. Paul".

Exam week gives me colurful experiences as there were few incidents happened:

Incident 1 - I was invigilating and starting to collect attendance sheet from the last row. The exam has started for about 5 minutes. One student came to me and asked me to go to the toilet.
"Maam... may I know where is the bathroom?"
" Erm... bathroom? no bathrooom here... but if you mean toilet, it is at the back, my right hand side".
I was not very sure whether students can leave the hall within the first 30 minutes or not.
"Can I go to the toilet?" I looked at him, start thinking whether to let him go or not and finally said.. "yes, you can but you have to leave your handphone with me" (after I saw his pocket and found that his handphone is in his pocket).
Actually I want to ask him to empty his pocket but I don't want to be so cruel to him. He took his handphone out from his pocket and said
"actually maam, I already switched it off".
"Never mind, just give it to me, and collect it back later. I'll hold it while you are in the toilet".
He still refused to give his handphone and I know a few invigilators already looked at me suspiciously. He tried to convinced me that he already switched off his phone then I said:
"stop arguing with me, i'm not going to do anything with this expensive handphone, i'll return it back to you".
Finally, he let me to hold his phone and few minutes after that... the phone vibrates... (how come a phone that already switched off can vibrates?) and on the screen appears:
"From m3abady: Business Development Stages.... answer" I checked the question paper....and... hahaha....i know you know..

Incident 2 - I received an email.
Madam, can I see you by today because tomorrow i'm going back to my country.
I replied:
Sure... come and see me at 2.30pm.
I reached office at 11.30am and coincidently met that student at the cafetaria.
"Madam, I mailed you this morning".
"Oh, ok.... you may come to my office now".
In my office, I asked him.
"So, you are leaving tomorrow? back to your country?"
"No madam... we have only two weeks break, no point going back, wasting time and money".
"Erm... but you said that....erm.. never mind".

Incident 3 - Another email reached my mailbox.
I'm sorry for disturbing you madam. I'm now in my country. I hope that you can increase my assignment mark so that I can pass your paper. I worked hard for that madam. Please pass me because my father will not allow me to go back to study if my CGPA drop this semester. I almost reply that email - I hope you will never come back!.
I also coincidently saw this guy in campus. Maybe his father already let him back to Malaysia to continue his student life....

Incident 4 - 60 MCQs and one case study. I have two papers with the following answer for all case study questions.
Question 1:
P3 - L1
P4 - L6-L7
P7 - L4-L5
(notes: P = paragraph, L = Line) - please refer to the case study.

"Is writing the answers in the space provided very hard for you? I'm sorry, i never marked my own case study.. I only mark answers written in the space given".
(if I can send this message to this two culprits).

Me = warrrghhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I want a break!!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Nur Izzah Insyirah

Ni bukan anak saya yer... Ni anak saudara saya. Lahir 1 Ramadhan lepas. Akhirnya dapat juga saya snap beberapa keping gambar sebelum kami masing-masing balik beraya. Hmm... geramnya... Gamaknya raya haji nanti la baru dapat jumpa semula. Namanya Nur Izzah Insyirah. Kena bagitau... sapa cari nama tu. Pak Long Hiswadi tau. Nama tu saya standby untuk anak kami... tapi sebab baby Fazil pun nama Insyirah... kami berila nama tu pada si kecik ni.

Yang ni special pose. Exactly macam ayah dia masa kecik dulu especially tang mata. Balik kg nanti saya nak cari gambar-gambar ayah dia... kita buat compare and contrast. Tapi tang telinga ngan hidung, mak kata sama macam mak long (saya la tu). Masa mak kata Izzah banyak macam saya... saya kata "tanya kat mak ayah dia. Kot-kot banyak buat dosa kat kakak. Tu anak macam kakak tu. hehehe.." Masa baru lahir... muka ala-ala jepun. Sekarang dah macam jawa plak. Ngeh ngeh ngeh....

Yang ni masa nak bedung. Mengamuk sakan. Berpeluh mak ayah dia. Tapi kalau mak yang bedung... dia diam jer. Baikkkk jer. Takut kot dengar suara mak yang nyaring tu. Kalau mak suruh tidur.. dia tidur. Walaupun dengan muka tak puas hati.. dia tidur la juga. Kalau mak ayah dia dodoikan... hmm... jenuh.

Masa dah lepas bedung... meronta-ronta nak lepaskan diri. Kalau mak yang bedungkan.. memang takkan tercabut punya. Maklumla... profesional. Yang amatur macam kami ni... tak sampai 5 minit, terkeluar la tangan dan kaki tu.

Yang baju biru tu... Lunamaya. Dia anak angkat adik ipar kami. (Isteri adik ketiga saya, fat). Dulu Luna jadi rebutan semua orang. Kesian Luna. Semalam terpinga-pinga dia sebab semua orang kerumun Izzah. Takde orang layan dia. Takpa.. Mak Long ada. So, mainla dengan dia sekejap semalam. Tapi Luna ni mood swing sikit. Kalau mood ok, syok main ngan dia. Kalau dia moody... tak rela kupujuk.... Sangat susah nak dapatkan budak berdua ni posing sama-sama. Persamaan mereka berdua ialah... kalau menangis, suara masing-masing macam microfon.

Haa... pose yang ni ok sikit. Tunggu yer.... bulan 12 ni another girl akan join the club. Pastu inshaallah bulan 4 ada seorang lagi (Luna pun nak dapat adik dah). Cuma tak tau boy atau girl. Kalau girl... ramaila tukang tolong kemas rumah nenek nanti.

So, meriah jugala semalam... Kami berkumpul adik-beradik sebelum menuju haluan masing-masing. Saya akan menuju ke Penang, Zaki pula ke Kuala Kangsar. Fat balik Johor. Izun pun ada semalam. Tahun ni Izun dapat cuti dan balik Johor juga. Selalunya dia kena bekerja hari raya.Yang 3 orang lagi dah ada di Johor. Sekurang-kurangnya terubat juga rindu saya untuk berkumpul adik-beradik pada hari raya nanti. Sempat juga tu, bertukar-tukar kuih dan baju raya.

Salam Aidilfitri.. Maaf Zahir Batin ya...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Alhamdulillah...Ramadhan akan berakhir beberapa hari lagi. Esok saya akan mula bercuti. Tahun ni setelah dipersetujui bersama, saya dan suami akan menyambut 1 syawal di Pulau Pinang. Biasanya, hari-hari terakhir ramadhan ni saya telah pun mula bercuti dan pulang ke johor membantu mak buat persiapan hari raya. Almaklumlah... anak sulung. Daripada penetapan warna tema baju raya sampailah ke menu dan kuih-muih, sayalah yang biasanya mengaturkan. Tahun ni? Erm... sungguh berbeza.

Satu perkara yang terbayang di mata saya ketika ini ialah tradisi munjung. 'Munjung' adalah tradisi masyarakat jawa di mana pada hari-hari perayaan mereka akan bertukar-tukar juadah. Dahulunya, ia dilakukan pada pagi hari raya. Sambil mengunjungi sanak-saudara kami akan menjinjing mangkuk tingkat atau dipanggil 'rantang' yang berisi ketupat dan juadah lain. Kemudian tuan rumah akan membalas 'punjungan' tersebut dengan mengisi semula 'rantang'.

Disebabkan peredaran masa, tradisi munjung ni telah diubahsuai sedikit sekarang. Antaranya:
1. DULU munjung dilakukan pada pagi 1 syawal ketika berkunjung ke rumah sanak-saudara. SEKARANG munjung dilakukan lebih awal (bermula seminggu sebelum hari raya). Sebabnya: kalau semua orang membawa juadah pada pagi raya, meja makan akan penuh macam pasar ramadhan. Da makanan akan terbazir begitu sahaja. Bayangkan mak saya akan menghantar juadah kepada 20 keluarga dan terima balasan sebanyak itu juga.Siapa nak makan?

2. DULU munjung menggunakan mangkuk tingkat. SEKARANG isi saja dalam plastik dan polisterin. Sebabnya: Lebih mudah, tak perlu mencuci bila nak membalas. Dan tak perlu beli banyak-banyak mangkuk tingkat. (Takkan nak beli sampai 20 mangkuk tingkat?).

3. DULU kami anyam ketupat daun kelapa untuk munjung. Kadang-kadang sampai 200 biji. Macam-macam bentuk ada. SEKARANG beli saja ketupat segera. Macam-macam jenama ada.
Sebabnya: Lebih mudah dan cepat. Tak perlu susah payah panjat pokok kelapa dan menganyam. Lagipun ketupat segera lebih tahan lama. Memasaknya pun tidak perlu lama sangat macam memasak ketupat daun.

4. DULU lauk-pauk standard - rendang, kuah kacang, lodeh, sambal goreng, serunding, ayam/daging masak merah/kicap, pecal/rojak. SEKARANG ada kepelbagaian. Mak pun kadang-kadang munjung nasi ayam, lauk pun berbeza sikit. Ada sambal udang, ada ikan bawal, kadang-kadang ikan bakar dsbg. Jemu katanya asyik masak lauk yang sama setiap tahun. Dan dari feedback yang kami dapat, lauk yang lain dari punjungan lain akan menjadi rebutan...

Memandangkan saudara-mara dan mula munjung seminggu sebelum raya, kami dah tak perlu masak judah berbuka lagi. Setiap hari ada saja judah dihantar. Sampaikan pada pagi raya yang kami cari ialah sambal belacan dan ikan kering!. Mak pula akan munjung bila saya dah balik kampung. Bukan apa, ada assistant yang cekap... bolehla bawak berbincang nak masak apa.. boleh pula jadi supir ke pasar.. yang penting jadi tukang potong bawang dan sediakan rempah. Tang menumis tu... memang saya tak boleh kacau. Nanti lain pula rasanya. Hmm... sampai tua la saya jadi tukang hiris bawang. Harap-harapnya saya juga akan mewarisi kepandaian mak saya memasak nanti.

Ada lagi yang best... disebabkan setiap hari raya kami akan menerima punjungan, saya dah boleh kenal dan rasa. Lauk ni siapa yang masak, lauk tu mesti orang ni yang masak dan juadah ni air tangan siapa. Ada pula ketikanya, saya tertunggu-tunggu masakan orang tertentu sebab confirm best. Sampaikan saya boleh tau, kalau ayam masak merah atau masak kicap yang dimasak oleh adik-beradik perempuan mak saya... rupa paras dan rasanya mesti sama. Hahaha... dah tentula kan sebab mereka berguru dari tukang masak yang sama (arwah nenek saya).

Apapun, tahun ni saya tak merasa langsung makan punjungan sesiapa pun. Alahai... terliur pula. Harap-harap balik johor nanti adalah sikit-sikit untuk saya merasa.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Ketulusan hati - Marshanda

Semenjak menyewa rumah sendiri, saya agak kerap pulang awal dari pejabat (kadang-kadang tak masuk pejabat pun...). Tiba-tiba menonton sinetron Aqso dan Madina setiap petang menjadi rutin harian saya di sambil menyiram pokok-pokok sayur dan bunga-bungaan (macam banyak jer pokoknya). Sebenarnya saya tak suka terikat dengan drama-drama TV ni... sebab saya tak suka ada komitmen yang tak diperlukan macam tu. Saya akan tergesa-gesa balik, dan elakkan diri dari singgah di mana-mana walaupun untuk membeli keperluan dapur.

Yang lucunya... saya juga yang mengutuk drama ni yang tiba-tiba macam mengarut.. ada unsur-unsur ajaib yang tak logik... tapi saya juga yang nak menontonnya setiap hari. Dan yang paling saya minat sebenarnya adalah lirik lagu temanya 'ketulusan hati'. Di waktu hati saya sedih, atau rasa teruji...atau ketika emosi tak stabil... lagu ni betul-betul terkesan dan bisa memujuk hati saya...
Sedihku sakitku ku terima
Ku rela ku pasrah jalanku
Ini suratan aku dicoba
Demi rahmat-Mu ku memohon

Ya Allah ridhoi ketulusan hati
Ya Allah beri aku ketabahan
Ya Allah aku sanggup berkorban
Demi rahmat-Mu ya Allah

Ya Allah ridhoi ketulusan hati
Ya Allah beri aku ketabahan
Ya Allah aku sanggup berkorban
Demi rahmat-Mu ya Allah.

Bila dengar lagu ni... saya terfikir,
Cukup redhakah saya dengan segala ketentuan ilahi, atau saya seringkali mempersoal takdir tuhan pada diri saya?

Cukup syukurkah saya dengan kurniaannya, atau saya seringkali rasa semuanya serba kekurangan buat saya?

Cukup tabahkan saya dengan ujiannya, atau saya sering jatuh, terduduk dan mempersoalkan takdirnya ke atas saya?

Dan ada satu babak di dalam drama ni yang saya tak boleh lupakan... bila Aqso berdoa:
" Ya Allah... walau apapun ujian yang kau turunkan padaku, aku tidak akan pernah bersangka buruk padamu Ya Allah.."

Kesimpulannya, walaupun jalan ceritanya kadang-kala tak masuk akal... tapi pengajarannya tetap ada. Macam kehidupan kita juga... kadang-kala kita rasa apa yang terjadi pada diri kita bukanlah kehendak kita. Kadang-kala macam tak masuk akal, tapi ada hikmah di sebalikya...

Monday, June 22, 2009

The beginning of 2nd Trimester...

Now my pregnancy is already 15 weeks... baby hampir-hampir 4 months old dalam perut. It is getting easier now for me to face it except kesukaran memilih pakaian yang tidak ketat di pinggang. Padan dengan muka sendiri..sebab dulu suka sangat pakai baju kebaya... sekarang kebaya-kebaya tu buatla perhiasan dalam almari antik...

Just now baru balik dari pemeriksaan rutin di hospital pantai. Masuk-masuk je bilik doctor, dah kena marah sebab berat badan menurun. Masa baby 5 minggu, 51kg, masa 8 minggu still 51kg. Sekarang 15 minggu berat badan jadi 49kg pulak. Secara logiknya, perut membesar, baby membesar, so berat mestila naik kan? Jadi..taknak doc marah lebih-lebih bagila alasan muntah bila makan... padahal, sekarang kekerapan muntah dah jauh berkurangan dan aku pun dah boleh breakfast dan makan malam... sebelum pregnan jarang aku makan malam. Pelik la baby... takkan makin pregnan ibu makin langsing kot....

Yang paling syok, bila scan. Sbb kali pertama dan kedua scan dulu.. baru nampak ketulan daging jer.. sekarang dah nampak pulak anggota badan. Yang lagi kelakar... first time ibu nampak baby, baby letak tangan atas kepala. Macam garu kepala... lepas tu melompat-lompat tak berenti. Doctor kata... haaa tengok tu dia melompat-lompat. Terus ibu teringat semalam ibu ngan ayah terkial-kial kait buah rambutan ngan manggis kat kg atok kat johor. Baby pun nak kait rambutan jugakah? Pastu yang tangan dok atas kepala tu..dok mikir masalah negara ke?? aii... kecik-kecik dah pandai.

Walaupun baby dok melompat-lompat..sekarang ni ibu tak dapat rasa lagi... so, okla. Tapi confirm seminggu dua nanti, dah mula terasa... susah la ibu nak tidur nanti.... Tapi bagusla baby aktif..seaktif ibu dan ayahnya... kalau ikutla kombinasi perangai kami berdua.. hmm... jenuh juga nak menjaganya..

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Me.. Baby .. and Kota Darul Naim

As per scheduled averything ran smoothly last week. It was a running, rushing and tiring week for me while other people already enjoying their trimester break. When they were coming back from their holiday, then I started mine. As I mentioned in my previous entry, right after the BOE meeting, i'll be going to kelantan to attend my brother's akad nikah. Since my husband did not allow me to go by bus or car and he is not going, flight is the only option. Thanks to our good friend, Nik, for sending me to KLIA.

The flight touched down around 10.50pm and once reaching there, my brother asked me "bila kakak nak buat hantaran?". haaa..... it is almost midnight and the hantaran still not ready??? Erm... I was so exhausted after the whole day meeting, rushing from Melaka to KLIA then Kota Bharu and now still got things to do. For a second thought, thank god for giving me the opportunity to be next to my brother during his very very important and crucial time and contribute my expertise in preparing the hantaran. I can imagine, without me... my brother will be lonely waiting the whole family coming down from johor and KL. With very limited resources, I forced myself to be as creative as I can and it was hard! very hard... Alhamdulillah... everyhing almost finished by 2am. Just a little bit final touch for the next morning..Zkea and baby ready to bed.

Morning - 11th June. The akad nikah is scheduled at 11am. Final touch is not as easy as I thought. By 10am we decided to move to Pasir Mas whatever the hantaran look like. The 'rombongan' from Johor has already at Pasir Mas. All my brothers and sister were also there. Altogether there were more than 50 people from our side. Such a big numbers! It was our family members' and neighbours' request to join the rombongan and they are willing to pay half of the transportation cost. So it became a very fun and exciting journey.

The akad nikah went smoothly. It was a very simple occasion. The kenduri was also very simple. We were treated by 'lauk-lauk kampung' with Kelantan version sambal belacan. The kenduri is just like an open house... no canopy, no 'rewang-rewang' like what we have in Johor, no pelamin and majlis bersanding. It was only a 'makan-makan' with the family members.

After zohor we were headed to Rantau Panjang for shopping. I did not have any intention to buy anything, just a T-shirt for my husband, a blouse for me and keropok for my in laws. They finished shopping by 5pm and at 6pm we reached our accomodation- Kampung Geng Guesthouse. A very convenient bungalow style guesthouse which can accomodate more than 50 people at one time. Bapak said it is "Kampung Gengster Gusti house"... hahaha..

The guesthouse is located not to far from Pasar Che Yeh, if i'm not mistaken. We were informed by 'we' (wan), Tasya's father that every Friday Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz will be giving his Kuliah there. So, early morning we left the nice guesthouse and having breakfast at Pasar Che Yeh. In the middle of the pasar, there are 5 canopies and one stage. I guess that will be for the speaker. The kuliah began at 8.30am with one Ustaz giving his kuliah. Tuan Guru turned up at 9.30am and his kuliah ends at 10.30am. Masyaallah... when I turned back, there were so many people, stop shopping and their morning activities, some brought their own mat to listen to the Kuliah. Tuan guru started his kuliah by reciting few lines of quranic verses and followed by the audience. It was calming and relaxing. It was a very great experience for me being in that rahmah and barakah morning, full with du'a and hamdalah. In KL or other places... people tend to sleep in the morning during weekend, and rushing to office during weekdays..including me...

After the kuliah, we were heading to Pasar Siti Khadijah. Mak bought gelang there.. I just having my lunch with them. I was so sleepy since I slept only two hours... almost the whole night listening to Bapak's song. hehehe.. he was snoring badly and I couldn't sleep. So, I decided to go straightaway to the airport after all of them finished shopping. It was still 2.30pm and my flight will be at 7.50pm. Once reaching the airport at 3pm, I changed my baju kurung, perform my prayer and.... zzzzz until 5.30pm.

There was one incident happened in the flight that makes the flight leaving Kota Bharu a little bit late. Next to my seat, there is a lonely paralysed uncle with very fierce and weird face. I couldn't understand him and was frightened at the beginning which turned into sympathy at the end. Couldn't imagine how a paralysed old folk can travel alone. Luckily MAS hired a very skillful stewarders who can handle the situation calmly. Zkea and baby reached KLIA at 9.15pm, rushing and running to catch 9.30pm KLIA express. Forgetting that I shouldn't walk that way with this pregnancy. Reached KL Sentral around 10pm, took LRT and reached Tmn. Melati around 10.40pm. The IPU in KL makes me a little bit uncomfortable while the memories of Kota Darul Naim still hazing my mind... Pray that Fat and Tasya will be living happily ever after..For Tasya... welcome to our big family!!

Spent my night in KL and heading to Penang at 6.45am to attend another wedding... come on baby... this is part of our journey this week, enjoy it ok!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Apa ya yang aku buat??

Exam week is almost over. I have finished marking one of my papers. Tak banyak pun. 3 students only. Not a big deal. Just nak key-in dalam system and submit the result to ERU. Another paper will be this coming saturday. 117 scripts.... that will be the last paper of the semester. Everybody mengeluh... kanapa la paper yang ramai student ni diletakkan last-last dalam schedule. Instead of 10 days marking, kami dapat 9 days sahaja. The ninth day tu is the last day to submit complete result to ERU. Lepas tu Board of Examiners meeting pulak.... and a few days after that new trimester resumes.

Actually macam-macam dalam kepala... nak pindah rumah this weekend... nak marking paper pulak. Tapi hati yang keras ni berkeras juga nak stay di rumah baru by June. I can't stay longer at Taman Bunga Raya. I need a proper house, for me, my baby and definitely my husband. Nak mengemas... adakalanya kederat tak mampu, so.. buatla mana yang boleh...kadang-kadang rasa meradang sendiri. Sebab kenapa sekarang tak boleh? dulu aku boleh saja pindah sorang diri dari KL-Melaka, angkut semua barang termasuk TV dan kabinet... sekarang ni... rasanya boleh tapi tak sanggup nak tanggung risiko. Apatah lagi sentiasa di 'warning' oleh ramai orang yang sangat-sangat memahami keterjalan aku dari dulu lagi termasuklah suamiku.

Semalam lepas key-in KPI dalam system pergila menjengah rumah baru tu.... ingat nak transfer barang-barang dalam kereta. Angkatla yang ringan-ringan, takdela banyak sangat nak angkut jumaat dan sabtu ni. Memang ujian sungguh, dalam panas-panas terik, tak boleh pula nak buka mangga pagar tu. Call tuan rumah, dia kata sepatutnya no problem... lepas beberapa kali mencuba tak berjaya, aku pun give-up. Ingat nak singgah rumah kak Ayu kat lorong belakang, tengok-tengok macam dia tak balik lagi... so, alang-alang dah bawa kereta aku terus menuju ke Mydin ayer keroh. Survey-survey barang dapur. Ni pun satu masalah lagi... masa pindah Melaka dulu, satu benda tak ada sebab tuan rumah dah sediakan semua. Sekarang ni... tilam pun aku tak ada. Terpaksalah angkut set katil kahwin dari Johor. Itu baru cerita tilam bantal.... dapur pulak? memang kosong la sekarang ni... Aku pulak tak suka makan luar. So, dapur amat-amat penting... kalau nak beli dapur, kena beli tong gas pula, lepas tu kena beli rak pulak, kabinet lagi, pinggan mangkuk lagi. Rasa menyesal juga tak angkut pinggan mangkuk dari KL ari tu...

So, ingat esok pagi aku nak cari kedai perabot.. beli apa yang patut (kalau larat la...). Kat mana nak cari kedai perabot pun aku tak pasti lagi. Lepas tu nak panggil orang buka Astro dan pasang kat rumah baru, petang inshaallah lori dari johor sampai. Adik-adik pun ada, mak ayah pun datang sekali... Mak kata, nak pindah rumah ni..kenala baca doa-doa, baca yaasin, jangan main masuk jer... awak tu dah la mengandung... ha'a kan, eager sangat nak pindah rumah, lupa pasal benda-benda macam tu. Siap pesan kat mak...mak bawa bekal yer, dengan pinggan-mangkuk sekali. Sbb rumah tak ada dapur lagi. Nak beli dapur, tak ada orang tolong angkat. Sian betul dengan mak... rasa bersalah pulak.. sampai dah tua-tua macam ni pun masih nak bergantung dengan mak lagi....

Apa-apahal pun... esok adalah harinya aku pindah rumah dan semuanya mesti selesai by Saturday morning before e-commerce final exam. Lepas tu.. mak ayah balik kampung semula, aku akan bergulung dengan kertas-kertas tu. I promise to finish marking within 3-4 days sbb lepas tu nak prepare for next trimester subjects pulak. Lepas BOE on 10th June aku akan bergegas ke KLIA and fly ke KB untuk attend my brother's wedding. Balik KL on 12th and straighaway ke Penang to attend my husband's cousin wedding pulak on 13th. On 15th new trimester begins and genapla setahun aku merantau mencari rezeki di bumi Melaka ni... ceh, macam jauh jer Melaka tu. On 16th bolehla buat anniversary dengan Kak Ayu sempena hari kami sama-sama report duty......

Dah setahun di MMU... di Melaka... apa ya achievement yang aku dah capai? Bila key-in KPI semalam... aku terfikir, mampu ke aku buat semua ni? Nak register PHD pun masih lagi 50-50. Tak yakin aku boleh buat. Dan aku sebenarnya sangat kecewa dengan diri aku yang tak bersemangat macam dulu.... dulu aku main redah jer. Semua benda aku yakin boleh buat. Atau ni memang penyakit biasa orang dah kahwin ker? Rasa macam banyak sangat limitations and restrictions.

Entahla... kena muhasabah diri... kena perbaiki diri.... banyak yang aku perlu buat dalam masa 6 bulan terakhir tahun 2009 ni....

Friday, May 08, 2009

Budak-budak 'cute'

Today is the last class for the semester. After too many MCs last two weeks, everything comes in package today. Presentations, last lecture, revisions etc. etc. Wahhh... and the class that started at sharp 10am ended at 1.30pm. It was the longest that I ever had.

I tried my best to enjoy the class. People come and leave. Some came late... very-very late (at 11.30am). Some of them leave the class as soon as the finished presenting at 10.20am. Fuhh... it is not easy to control such a big class. Towards the end, only the last group left. The good thing is I can maintain my smile enjoying the presentations... (you can expect what you have to listen during students' presentation). Very dull and boring.... but when it comes to the blog demontration I would conclude that the students are creative and innovative. Their business ideas and business models are also not bad...

Back to the topic..... budak-budak 'cute':

Case 1:
Student: "Good morning Teacher"
Lecturer: "Good morning. Erm.. i'm not your teacher. I'm your lecturer"
Student: "Oh.. i'm sorry... Good morning lecturer.., can I ask lecturer one question?"
Lecturer: "Alamak... "

Case 2:
Lecturer: "You are allowed to sit at row 1, 2 and 3 only"
Student: "Exception for me maam.."
Lecturer: "why?"
Student: "My legs are long... let me sit here" (he is a foreigner... he chose to sit at the back so that he can get more space for his legs)

Case 3: Chinese student speaks malay.
Student: "Madam... boleh saya jumpa awak?, awak free sekarang?"
Lecturer: "Awak pun awakla..."

hahaha..... macam-macam lagi la.... tapi maleh nak cerita.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Perlu makan atau nak makan?

Buat pertama kalinya dalam hidup saya dapat membezakan dua keadaan.
1. Kita makan sebab dah tiba waktu makan harian kita atau bila ada makanan di depan mata. atau..
2. Kita makan sebab kita perlu makan pada waktu dan ketika itu.

Pelik bukan? kita selalu makan. Sarapan, minum pagi, makan tengah hari, minum petang, makan malam, makan junk food lagi, kadang-kadang layan cendol, abc, burger, biskut cream cracker dan macam-macam lagi kita makan dalam masa sehari semalam. Yang kita rasa adalah kenyang selepas makan. Puas sbb perut sudah terisi. Atau puas sebab keinginan tercapai.

Last week, 3 hari 3 malam. Apa jua yang saya jamah saya keluarkan semula. Hinggakan minum seteguk air pun saya akan keluarkan semula. Hinggalah hari keempat saya cuba bertahan, tak mampu. Akihirnya, saya terpaksa tinggal di hospital untuk drip. Rupa-rupanya my 'ketone level' dah at the maximum level. Based on Dr. Hanisah explanation, ketone level is our body level yang menunjukkan keadaan at the starvation level, our body akan menyedut zat-zat daripada bahagian badan yang lain. Pendek cerita, at that time the body dah pun berada at the highest dehidration level. Alamak... starvation? tahap kebulur dah saya rupanya.

We had no choice... masuk hospital, masuk air hoping that everything will be better. Kesian baby... kalau ibu dia kebulur, baby mesti tak sihat. Masa ni la dapat rasa bezanya bila minum segelas air pun, rasa dapat sedikit tenaga untuk bangun. Sebelum ni... tak perasan pun. Yang kita perasan.. lapar, dahaga atau teringin nak makan sesuatu walaupun tak lapar masa tu. Agaknya itulah bezanya antara nafsu dan perlu.

After 4 days, memandangkan suami pun nak balik KL, tak sampai hati nak menyusahkan rakan-rakan di melaka, tak sampai hati juga suami asyik tidur dalam kereta, saya minta discharge dan dirujuk ke mana-mana hospital di KL. Alhamdulillah... walaupun belum ok sepenuhnya, saya dibenarkan berehat di rumah sampai hujung minggu. Puas mencuba macam-macam makanan dan minuman... satu jer yang setakat ni baby tak reject. Air Sirap. "Air sirap je baby?". Humble betul baby aku ni... hehehe. Sirap pun sirapla... yang penting ada tenaga nak tulis blog....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The sixth week...

This pregnancy has become more challenging now... and I started to realized that I have to face the different phases of this for another 8 months.

If the first month I ate whatever I can and offered to me... this week I started to reject many things. The baby say NO for oily food, NO for plain water, NO for rice, NO for milky drinks until NO FOR EVERYTHING! It makes me feel very very weak. When spoke to my mother and mother and law... they both said " biasala....memang macam tu". Waaa.... how could I cope with all these? I have classes to go, I have syllabus to be finished by end of this month, many presentations to be evaluated, my research proposal which still pending... and now I'm not able to wake up from my bed...

How difficult it is, this pregnancy makes me feel wonderful being a woman which given the opportunity to go through this wonderful experience. Now I have a friend to talk to; my bestfriend who I carry everywhere. The most wonderful thing is, this baby act like he/she understand what I'm saying. "Baby, Ibu have four classes today, so please don't make Ibu sick ok..." and suddenly I felt like given strength to go to the class and finished all four hours non-stop tutorial. When I felt very difficult to wake up and perform the subuh prayer due to the morning sickness, I talked to the baby. "Baby... solat is wajib, Ibu must perform this subuh prayer, help ibu ok..." and I continously talking to the baby for anything, sharing my feelings, my sickness, my happiness. Wonderful right??

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another chapter begins...

"Life is like a book with many different chapters, some tell of tragedy and others of triumph. Some chapter are dull and ordinary, others intense and exciting. The key to being a success in life is to never stop on a difficult page, to never quit on a tough chapter. Champions have the courage to keep turning the pages because they know a better chapter lies ahead."

Alhamdulillah... kenduri in Penang is over. So, no more worries about preparation and invitation. After a few months of marriage, both of us were not really excited about the kenduri anymore. But to fulfill the wish of the family, we just follow whatever planned for us.

After the kenduri, we stayed in Penang for a week. Spent our time with family. So, we took the opportunity to tour the island with Hisham and Kakak (my in laws) and visit Hisham's school.
Hisham was soo... happy

Hisham takut air! at Bt. Feringgi

Rumah P. Ramlee

Bukit Bendera railway

My sister in law

Hisham at school

After the break, back to office.. so many things waiting. Haa.. serve your right zkea. And students... after 2 weeks without classes, start to take for granted. Nobody prepares for the tutorial and it ends up with I scolded every class that I attended that week. The worst part is... I asked everybody to leave the class - something that I never did after 6 years being a lecturer... hahaha...

Last and this coming saturday... I have to work. Invigilate last week and attending workshop organize by FBL this weekend. I was expecting that there will be 3 weeks I will not be able see my husband in KL. But last week, luckily he came. Without a proper house, we met outside and I went back to my rental house while he slept at his friend's. What to do... that's the chapter of life that we have to go through.

And.... Allah is the most merciful. After 4 months of marriage... he gives us something that we really want exactly at the right time. I mean after the kenduri in Penang is over. In malacca, I started to realized that there are a few changes in my physical strength, appetite and definitely mood. That's why I was soo.. moody last week I guess. And once my husband arrived in Malacca and see me, he said "I'm confident that you are pregnant". We went to Jusco, enjoyed stemboat at Johnny's. After that I bought the pregnancy test kit at Guardian but were not really sure whether I'm positively pregnant. We went to the Dr. on Monday (after vomitting since night and nausea) then we confirm that I'm now 5 weeks pregnant. Alhamdulillah...

That's another chapter of our life.. Pray that I'll be given strengths to face this pregnancy without my husband here and pray that it will be easy for me to face everything....

Thursday, March 19, 2009

In my mailbox today..

When I reached office this morning, this is the first email that I read.

Hi Ma'am

Can i request ma'am not to let students answer every que in tut class?

Because I think it's kinda wasting time since we have only 1 hour class. N I think I can undertstand much more better when ma'am is teaching.

No doubt, picking students to participate makes class interesting but it's kinda distracting. Because we will worry "when will be my turn" and keep on finding that particular ans which we think we ll be the lucky ones to ans it. Only after beeing called to ans can concentrate.
somehow I'm the one

I hope ma'am can take into consideration


I immediately replied it.

Dear Ywoan (i'm not sure whether this is her/his name),

Good day. I appreciate your comment on this matter but I have my own reasons why i have to ask students to answer the tutorial questions.

1. During lecture, basically the role of lecturer is to explain everything but during tutorial the role of the lecturer is being a moderator. When there is a need for the lecturer to explain something, then it will be explained.

2. The basic idea of having tutorial is to review back what have been explained in the lecture, to look whether there is anything that the student need to be further explained or to correct any misconception. How do I know whether the students understand or not if I did not asked them to answer the questions first. From Q&A, basically I can traced my students' level of understanding about one topic and then I'll try my best to simplify it.

3. I agree with you that 1 hour class is not enough for us to discuss everything. That's why I always start with "which question do you want me to explain?" or "anything that you don't understand from the chapter that you want me to explain?" However, most of the time students are just kept quiet. Some of the tutorial questions are very straightforward and the answer can be copied directly from the textbook or the slides. If the direct questions you can't even answer, I would say that you have no effort at all to help yourself. Even if I straightaway giving all the answers, 1 hour is still not enough for me to explain every question.

4. You have to understand that education is not only a process of giving knowledge by lecturer to students where the lecturer is the only party putting a lot of efforts to ensure that you pass your exams. If it is the case, I would rather give you questions together with the answers for you to memorize for your exam. It is not an education. There are so many things to be achieved in education. At least, I want my students to improve their confidence level by answering the questions.

5. Why should you worry about "when will be my turn" if you are well prepared?. Why should you "finding that particular answer" once I start the class. The questions were posted earlier and the chapter discussed have been covered a few days before (for a few classes a week before). In fact you can bring the tutorial questions during the lecture so that you can answer the questions as soon as I explained the topic in the lecture. I know that your biggest constraint in preparing the answers is time. I do understand how busy a student is but you have to face it if you want to be successful. I was a student before and now preparing to be a student again. If a lot of working adults out there can work and study at the same time, I think you should be grateful because you are full time student with no responsibility to take care of your own husband, wife or kids.(I'm not sure in your case, but I assume 90% of MMU students are fall in this category - single and available full time students).

6. I never blamed my students if they provide me the wrong answer. Don't worry, if you get wrong answer, I'll help you but I want you to put your own effort first before I give everything. Why should you prepare before attending tutorial? It is just our strategy to make sure that students open the book, study and revise for the whole semester not 1 day before the final exam. At the end of the day it benefits you not me.

I hope that my answer can help you to understand why tutorial should be Q&A session. I'm not blaming or angry at you for sending me this email. It's ok. But I want you to understand that spoon feeding is not healthy in education. Be independent and explore so that you can grab more knowledge for your future. Education is not only inside the classroom but everywhere and anytime.

Last but not least, it is not easy for us to be successful. It requires a lot of sacrifices and efforts.
You are here to learn not to buy knowledge.

Warm regards,
Mdm. Zakiah

I received the reply a few minutes after I sent mine.

Thanks ma'am for replyin my msg.

I do prepare every tut before class jz tat not every single que can be answered well.

Now I understand ma'am's reasons.

Comment please........

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hanya 16 pemohon PhD

Saya adalah antara yang paling gembira dengan pengumuman kerajaan dalam bajet mini2009 yang memperuntukkan RM20 ribu ringgit untuk mereka yang ingin melanjutkan pelajaran di peringkat sarjana dan Dr. Falsafah. Kebetulannya, saya dan suami baru beberapa minggu menghantar permohonan master dan PhD kami. Malangnya, saya jugalah antara yang paling kecewa dengan syarat-syarat yang diletakkan untuk pemohon.Dan menurut laporan akhbar hari ini... kementerian seolah-olah kecewa tiada sambutan terhadap pakej tersebut. Setakat ini hanya 16 pemohon biasiswa PhD dan tiada sambutan untuk sarjana sedangkan 500 tempat untuk PhD disediakan dan 10 000 tempat untuk sarjana.


Menyediakan peluang pembiayaan bagi graduan-graduan yang belum mendapat pekerjaan tetap atau pekerja-pekerja yang diberhentikan kerja untuk menyambung pengajian di peringkat ijazah lanjutan.

Antara syarat-syarat yang ditetapkan adalah:

1. Terbuka kepada warganegara Malaysia yang sedang atau memulakan pengajian dalam tahun 2009 dan 2010 sahaja. - syarat ni ok... tapi biasanya yang akan memulakan pengajian 2010, tentulah belum terima offer letter lagi. So, mereka ni mesti akan memohon bila dah terima offer letter nanti. Kementerian kenala sabar sikit.

2. Berumur tidak melebihi 35 tahun bagi calon peringkat sarjana dan 43 tahun bagi calon peringkat Ph.D para tarikh memulakan pengajian. - yang ni, boleh dipersoalkan. Secara umumnya, mereka yang berumur 35 tahun keatas adalah mereka yang telah berkeluarga dan mempunyai banyak tanggungan. Mereka tidak lagi mengharapkan tajaan pengajian tetapi lebih kepada mencari peluang pekerjaan baru sekiranya diberhentikan. Pemohon-pemohon PhD pula biasanya memang golongan yang telah mempunyai pekerjaan tetap dalam sektor pendidikan. Saya rasa sangat sedikit dari kalangan mereka yang tidak bekerja yang benar-benar ingin melanjutkan pelajaran di peringkat ini sekiranya mereka bukan dari sektor pendidikan. Saya minta kerajaan kaji semula syarat ini. Ramai graduan yang belum mendapat pekerjaan tetap adalah dalam lingkungan 25-30 tahun. Berilah peluang kepada mereka untuk melanjutkan pelajaran di peringkat sarjana dengan tajaan kerajaan. Lagipun hampir semua graduan sekarang ini terikat dengan pinjaman PTPTN, mereka tak akan mampu membayar balik PTPTN kalau tidak bekerja. Kalaupun bekerja, belum tentu mereka mampu dalam keadaan ekonomi semasa dan taraf hidup tinggi seperti sekarang. Teringat SMS office mate saya:

"Kalau macam tu, kita mintala Dr. David apply untuk kita..." almaklumla.. ni bukan pakej untuk pemuda-pemudi macam kita. hahaha...

3. Pengajian adalah secara sepenuh masa - tajaan adalah untuk yuran pengajian dan untuk kos menyiapkan thesis bagi PhD. Maksimum RM20 ribu sahaja kesemuanya. Tempoh pengajian 4 tahun. Kalau perlukan wang sara hidup, boleh diusahakan dengan PTPTN... mana nak bagi makan anak bini? Takkan nak guna "biasiswa" PTPTN kot.....

4. Pembiayaan diberikan setelah menerima surat tawaran dan mendaftar sebagai pelajar ijazah lanjutan di mana-mana IPTA dan IPTS terbabit. - Yang ni kena tunggu dulu. Bajet mini diumum pun selepas kebanyakan universiti tutup tarikh permohonan untuk sesi 2009/2010. Kena tunggu sesi tahun depan.

Akhirul kalam... saya rasa ini adalah entry saya yang pertama berbunyi seperti mengkritik sejak blog ni lahir.. kalau tak silap saya. Sebab terkena di muka sendiri....

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bila sirih pulang ke gagang....

Semalam - 14 Mac 2009. Tiga bulan satu hari saya bergelar isteri orang. Saya dan suami dijemput oleh School of Information Communication Technology IIC (saya lebih suka kekal memanggilnya SCS) untuk memberikan ceramah motivasi kepada para pelajar SICT . Saya diamanahkan untuk mengendalikan sesi ceramah pertama, manakala suami saya mengendalikan ceramah penutup. Lucu juga... suami lihat saya berceramah, saya pula dengar dia berceramah walaupun dia memang dah beberapa kali attend lecture class saya di MMU. Perasaan saya, dan mungkin jua dia bercampur-baur.

Pertama... terharu. Terharu kerana saya masih diingati oleh rakan-rakan seperjuangan dulu. Terharu kerana mereka masih mengiktiraf kebolehan saya yang saya rasa akhir-akhir ini semakin merosot setelah 9 bulan saya tidak berkecimpung dalam bidang kaunseling. Terharu kerana ada lagi anak-anak murid yang masih mengenali saya dan suami. Terharu mengenangkan tempat itulah saya banyak belajar mematangkan diri. Dan tempat itu jualah kami berdua ditemukan hingga membawa ke jinjang pelamin.

Kedua... gembira. Gembira kerana masih diberi peluang menabur budi seadanya. Gembira bertemu rakan-rakan, kakak-kakak, adik-adik yang selama ini seperti ahli keluarga sendiri. Ternyata silaturrahim yang terjalin akan kekal selamanya. Dalam kesempatan yang sedikit dan masa yang terbatas sempat juga kami berkongsi cerita dan rasa. Bergurau senda dan bergelak ketawa hingga hampir terlupa yang kami hanyalah penceramah jemputan semata-mata.

Ketiga... sedih. Sedih mendengar segala cerita. Apa yang berlaku, apa yang diperlakukan kepada rakan-rakan kami membuat saya dan suami berdoa semoga ada yang lebih baik untuk mereka satu hari nanti. Sedih jua kerana keadaan masih lagi serupa. Untuk program yang bersusah-payah dianjurkan oleh para pendidik IIC hingga terpaksa mengeluarkan duit poket sendiri... kehadiran pelajar jauh dari sasaran. Daripada beratus orang yang tersenarai, saya rasa kurang daripada 30 orang yang hadir. Beberapa orang hadir lewat dan beberapa orang lagi lari dari program dengan pelbagai alasan. Bayangkan betapa kecewanya pihak penganjur yang bertungkus-lumus membuat persediaan, bekerja pada hari minggu tanpa elaun tambahan ataupun jamuan makan bagi menghargai usaha mereka, tapi kehadiran peserta... menyedihkan!! Sedangkan program ini tidak lain dan tidak bukan adalah untuk membantu mereka juga untuk mencapai keputusan peperiksaan yang lebih baik.

Keempat... kagum. Saya kagum pada teman-teman saya yang masih mampu bertahan. Masih lagi dengan penuh keikhlasan mendidik dan mencurahkan usaha demi para pelajar. Saya dengar program ini akan dituruti dengan program clinic untuk pelajar-pelajar yang memerlukan bantuan dari segi akademik. Saya kagum dengan pengorbanan yang sanggup mereka lakukan demi Kolej Islam Antarabangsa dan para pelajarnya. Saya dan suami berdoa agar keadaan akan berubah untuk mereka, usaha mereka dihargai sewajarnya dan diiktiraf oleh yang berkenaan. Setidak-tidaknya, untuk usaha berikutnya sokongan kewangan harus deberikan agar program yang dianjurkan boleh dilaksanakan dengan lebih baik lagi.

Kadang kala... saya sendiri terfikir... masih adakah keikhlasan dalam hidup saya selepas saya meninggalkan IIC. Adakah saya masih berusaha menjadi pendidik yang terbaik sebagaimana yang pernah saya usahakan dulu. Bile saya kenang-kenangkan...dulu saya sanggup bekerja tanpa mengira hari dan masa... semuanya untuk IIC. Makan minum pun tak pernah terjaga... apatah lagi waktu tidur. Celik mata IIC... tidur pun IIC... Saya harus bersyukur dengan apa yang saya ada sekarang. Saya tak perlu lagi melakukan itu semua, dengan syarat saya tetap mengekalkan keikhlasan di hati dan semangat untuk melakukan yang terbaik dalam mendidik anak bangsa.

Untuk rakan-rakan dan teman-teman, sekiranya keikhlasan adalah tunjang utama perjuangan anda, saya yakin dan percaya Allahlah yang akan membalas segala budi dan bakti, amal dan jasa kalian semua pada ketika dan waktu yang tidak kita duga.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

After 8 months...

  • If you are pregnant, after 8 months you are preparing for the delivery....
  • If you are permanent worker at any company, institution etc.. 4 months left for you to wait for the next increament.
  • After 8 months at IIC - you might be promoted as a manager for the post that nobody wants. (hehe.. only god knows).

I have been here for more that 8 months. After 8 months 8 days - I finally completed my 10 pages phd proposal. Just because the closing date for submitting the application is just around the corner and the faculty has push me to start by mid of this year. No choice.

10 pages only!!! It took 8 months for me. Much-much lower than my usual performance. 10 pages program proposal can be prepared in 2 hours. That was my normal one. (at IIC la... IICan knows why).

Huh... life is not that easy. The higher the tougher. Here are the good supports received from many people when I seek for advice.

  1. "Buat jer... bukan yang tu pun finalize topic nanti". - Ye ker.... susahnya. (zkea).
  2. "Memang susah cari topic... sy dulu setahun". - 8 months is still considered good. (zkea).
  3. "Buat jer macam you buat masa master dulu". - My Master was not by research la. (zkea).
  4. "Believe me... your supervisor will change your topic later". - soooo... why asking for proposal? (zkea).
  5. "Tak payah skema sangat... sikit-sikit dah la". - that's not me... (zkea).
  6. "Tak apa..slowly, you muda lagi" - muda??? but how about my KPI? (zkea).
Tonight- finalizing the proposal.
Tomorrow - Ammend necessary parts, get the bank draft, buy pos express, mail the application, email the copy to my ex-supervisor for review. (Dah hantar baru nak suruh review - mesti kena belasah ni)
The day after tomorrow -

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

New challenges have begin

New year - new trimester (here we don't call it semester) - Two new subjects - Two lecture classes - 7 tutorial groups - the first lecture class has 129 students - The second class has two students - total up 11 credit hours, okla... as IIC manager, I had to teach 12 credit hours at least .

My 2009 KPI has been presented just now.
PhD - must be started by June
1 conference proceeding
1 international tier 4 jurnal
Research grant - RM50k
Contribution in Student Affairs Committee for the faculty.
Webmaster? return it back to Mr. Goh la Dr.....

zkea the traveller.... now has to focus back to her career and future development. Honeymoon period is over. Go for it zkea.... you can do it!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Warna-warni majlis kenduri 13 Disember

Sungguhla bersusah-payah mencari masa yang sesuai nak upload gambar-gambar ni di sini...facebook pulak very slow. So, buat tatapan semua, inilah yang dapat dipaparkan...

Girls in the house! Dalila, Zakiah and Yon (My cousin) - Taken before Pak Imam sampai

Zaki & Zakiah - before the akad nikah

Right after the akad nikah

Penang mari

From left - Mak and abah (Penang)
From Right - Paman & Mak
Front - Kakak, Hisham and Dalil

Lepas hantar Mak mertua balik...

En. Khair & Family


Anuar, Dian, Faizal, Kamarul Azman - Ex-IICan

Haa.. this is my father in law - takut tak tgk muka dia?

Zaki & Liza, Melur (IIC Debate Club)

Ni pun anak-anak murid IIC - Amir, A'a, Raja, Adib

Yang ni kerabat MMU - Nik, Hanim (IIC), Nadia, Norlie, Aishah, Marzuki

Ija & Kak Erd

Kak Su & Yatie

Puan Juliana - ahaks

Family Penang & IIC debaters - Marina, Ayie, Cham, Maryam.. yg depan tu sapa namanya ek? Sori.. lupa plak

Senior debater UIA - Sarah, Jepp, Syatir, Ain, Amie, Syakin
Ruzana & Family

Rozan, Shana, Nina & Nadzran

Letih ler amik gambor... nap sat boleh? Soo exhausted.. tertido masa photo session.. hahaha!