Monday, August 27, 2007

Its my convocation day

Monday, 27th August 2007- Session 5. Its my second convocation after my 1st degree. It is for Postgraduate Diploma in Guidance & Counseling.

With My Boss - Kak Atie. CCGD off today for celebrating our convocation.

My sister Dalila who is too busy with her gerai at convest hill to witness my convo.

There are a lot of differences between the two convocation:

  1. The first convo attended by the whole family and witnessed by both my mum and dad. This time none of my family were coming. It has been witnessed by my officemates and juniors from IIUM Debate Club through the web.
  2. With Asma' and Zai representing my parents. TQVM! Love U...

  3. The 1st convo was held during the 1st day session conferred by Sultan of Pahang but the 2nd is on the last day..last session conferred by the honourable Rector.

  4. With Arina and Mun - My juniors from Debate Club

  5. The 1st convo was a few months after my last day of exam but this time it is after almost two years the diploma is completed.
Zana... huhu.. we are 'sebatang kara'today..

Kak Sham and Kak Ira... ponteng kerja ek....

Sarah.. Congrats! Bila nak main badminton lagi?

Congrats to Ain... for her Bc. Degree in Psychology

Hasmi, Jep and Mumu - looks like 3 brothers attending their little sister convo rite?

The graduates from Applied Psychology Centre - First and second batch. (Not in the picture - Kak Atie, Kak Ainey, Normah, Asiah, Pak Tam)

To be honest, I'm not that excited to attend this convocation. maybe it is because the diploma was completed almost two years ago. However, the excitement suddenly started when I collect the robe and people started to wish congratulations either verbally or through SMSs. Whatever it is...its my graduation day. It is a day of happiness, not as what had happened during my first convo.

Ironically, after two times organizing convocation for my students in the same hall, now i'm here as the recipient. It makes me look around not from the eyes of a graduate but from the eyes of the program director. I learned, analysed and gather information where i got a lot of ideas for the next IIC convo. Argh..IIC again.. its my convo beb...forget IIC for a moment please...

Special thanks for my parents and family, my lecturers and my friends. For my classmates, it is wonderfull to know all of you..Thanks for IIU, thanks for IIC for sponsoring our diploma.