Tuesday, February 24, 2009

After 8 months...

  • If you are pregnant, after 8 months you are preparing for the delivery....
  • If you are permanent worker at any company, institution etc.. 4 months left for you to wait for the next increament.
  • After 8 months at IIC - you might be promoted as a manager for the post that nobody wants. (hehe.. only god knows).

I have been here for more that 8 months. After 8 months 8 days - I finally completed my 10 pages phd proposal. Just because the closing date for submitting the application is just around the corner and the faculty has push me to start by mid of this year. No choice.

10 pages only!!! It took 8 months for me. Much-much lower than my usual performance. 10 pages program proposal can be prepared in 2 hours. That was my normal one. (at IIC la... IICan knows why).

Huh... life is not that easy. The higher the tougher. Here are the good supports received from many people when I seek for advice.

  1. "Buat jer... bukan yang tu pun finalize topic nanti". - Ye ker.... susahnya. (zkea).
  2. "Memang susah cari topic... sy dulu setahun". - 8 months is still considered good. (zkea).
  3. "Buat jer macam you buat masa master dulu". - My Master was not by research la. (zkea).
  4. "Believe me... your supervisor will change your topic later". - soooo... why asking for proposal? (zkea).
  5. "Tak payah skema sangat... sikit-sikit dah la". - that's not me... (zkea).
  6. "Tak apa..slowly, you muda lagi" - muda??? but how about my KPI? (zkea).
Tonight- finalizing the proposal.
Tomorrow - Ammend necessary parts, get the bank draft, buy pos express, mail the application, email the copy to my ex-supervisor for review. (Dah hantar baru nak suruh review - mesti kena belasah ni)
The day after tomorrow -

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

New challenges have begin

New year - new trimester (here we don't call it semester) - Two new subjects - Two lecture classes - 7 tutorial groups - the first lecture class has 129 students - The second class has two students - total up 11 credit hours, okla... as IIC manager, I had to teach 12 credit hours at least .

My 2009 KPI has been presented just now.
PhD - must be started by June
1 conference proceeding
1 international tier 4 jurnal
Research grant - RM50k
Contribution in Student Affairs Committee for the faculty.
Webmaster? return it back to Mr. Goh la Dr.....

zkea the traveller.... now has to focus back to her career and future development. Honeymoon period is over. Go for it zkea.... you can do it!